advanced auto glass


No mess is created equal. These are base prices for a normal degree of dirt and grime. Dog hair, stains and spills do cost extra to clean. If you would like a better estimate of time involved please visit us in person! 

Light Interior Detail

This is a basic detail package.


Wipe down key surfaces- steering wheel, dash and cup holders.

Garbage removal and all glass cleaned.

Sm: $150 Med: $225 Lg: $275

Interior Detail

This package includes a light shampoo.

Vacuum seats & Shampoo floors.

Clean and treat all interior surfaces.

All glass cleaned and garbage removed.

Door jams, mats, seat belts & headliner.

Sm: $250 Med: $350 Lg: $450

Light Exterior Detail

Just need the dirt and grime wiped from your vehicle?

Hand wash, clean tires and wells.

Clean door jams and all glass.

Polish chrome and plastic.

Tar removal & Wax.

Sm: $150 Med: $225 Lg: $300

Full Exterior Detail

Want to look shiny and new on the outside?

Hand wash, clean tires and wells.

Polish chrome and plastic.

Tar removal, clay bar and wax.

Steam clean engine bay.

Clean door jams and all glass.

Sm: $190 Med: $300 Lg: $480

Full Restoration

This is our full detail package, where everything gets addressed.

Hand wash, clean tires and rims. 

Rim treatment.

Tar removal, clay bar, hand wax.

Steam clean the engine bay.

All glass cleaned, garbage removed. 

Vacuum & shampoo floors and seats. Leather treatment if necessary.

Clean and treat all interior surfaces & stains.

Door jams, mats, seatbelts & headliner.

Sm: $350 Med: $550 Lg: $720

Headlight Restoration

Foggy headlights? Our restoration prices for headlights start at $95+gst

Ozone Treatment

It's like a breath of fresh air for your vehicle. This kills most viruses and organic material on surfaces, carpets and seats. If you would like to add an ozone treatment to your vehicle please let us know when you drop off.



Did you know that if you book in a new windshield with a detailing service we will give you 10% off