Windshield Replacements

When booking in for your windshield replacement please be aware that we usually ask for several hours. If you are booking from out of town please give us as much notice as possible.

Rock Chip Repairs

This service is by appointment only. We use a water soluble resin that is deeply affected by water in the glass. Rainy, snowy and wet conditions are not ideal to repair rock chips. 

Our cut off conditions for rock chip repair starts at -25 C. At this point vehicles are took cold and need time to warm up before a repair can be attempted. There are no warranties on rock chip repairs although we try our best to seal it as best we can! 

Automotive Film Applications

We offer an extensive line of films for your vehicle and commercial applications. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on film installations.

It is a wet process and takes time to cure. In the winter we usually ask for your vehicle for at least 24hrs so we don't interrupt the curing process.

Restoration Detailing

We are not your average detailing shop. Please be prepared to leave your vehicle for up to 3 days for a full  restoration detailing. We do pull your vehicle apart to get into all those hard to reach places and with our specialized equipment your vehicle will look new again. We know clean. Prices are an estimate as you don't really see what's underneath until the vehicle is in the shop. We have delt with infestations, 20+ layers of mud and grime, grease stains you name it. 

Durabuilt Windows

We are super happy and excited to be a partner with Durabuilt Windows and Doors here in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Made in Edmonton, Alberta. Our turn around time for basic windows to your work site can be in as little as 30 days!  Send us an email with your specifications or scope of work to: sales@rockchip.ca

These windows are perfect for our zone. We have energy ratings worth checking out.